Instagram Management

To best capture my clients’ brand personalities, I used different brand voices that best reflected their identity and best related to their target markets.

For American start-up skincare brand Cheeky Physique, the brand voice is confident, fun and sexy, and it spoke to women who also identified as such. By embodying the brand identity through fun posts, Cheeky Physique’s Instagram community grew by 4,000 followers within 4 months.

In comparison, Australian company EmpoWed wanted something romantic but approachable. As a company that provides digital marketing resources for wedding industry professionals, their target market is more diverse and more business-oriented, but still lighthearted and filled with the sweetness that encapsulates the industry.

The inspirational and positive posts resulted in active engagement from its audience, with the account receiving multiple direct inquiries per day and directing traffic to the main website.

Finally, when baby product company Biolane launched in the Philippines, they wanted Instagram posts that were informative and persuasive while still filled with all the eye-candy associated with babies.

The straightforward brand voice was directed towards the target market of savvy and pragmatic mothers who would spare no expense for their babies as long as it’s a product that met their high standards.

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